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USCAA WUG Rules Upheld

posted Aug 2, 2011, 5:49 AM by Webmaster USCAA   [ updated Jan 3, 2013, 2:13 AM ]
[Originally published on 7/11/2011]

US Collegiate Archery Association Finalizes World University Games Archery Team Selection

Actions taken by USCAA to enforce documentation requirements upheld

After a delay caused by a challenge to the administration of the rules, the USCAA announces its team and staff for the World University Games:


Kacey Eggers, Staff Support

Brad Fiala, Team Leader

Bill Coady, Recurve Coach

Benton Christensen, Compound Coach


Lyndsey Marzec, Texas A&M

Elizabeth Didan, Univ Connecticut

Kayla DeBord, Texas A&M

Tristan Skarvan, Texas A&M

Kendal Nicely, UNE

Elissa Falconer, Miami Univ.

Adam Wruck, Texas A&M

Adam Gallant, Texas A&M

Zachary Plannick, Penn College

Glen Thomas, Penn College

Joe Fanchin, USC

Tony Don, Univ of AZ

The USCAA finalized the team after an arbitrator’s ruling confirming the authority of Lorretta Sinclair to uphold the USCAA rules.  The arbitrator stated that he felt there were extraordinary circumstances outside of the rules justifying the qualification and reinstatement of one of the athletes while upholding the decision to disqualify other athletes.

“As the Executive Director, I had no discretion with respect to disqualifying the athletes.  After consulting with several board members at the team trials, we concluded that the rules needed to be upheld to be fair to all of the athletes” said Ms. Sinclair.

“Many comments were made in various on-line forums about the actions of the USCAA in an attempt to discredit me and the organization.  The ruling shows that an independent third party believes that we acted appropriately.”  add Ms. Sinclair.

The USCAA and the athletes arbitrated the matter outside of the jurisdiction of the USOC.  “It was very important to the USCAA to exert itself as an independent organization and not under the jurisdiction of the USOC.” added Sinclair.

USCAA is proud of the team that will be representing USA College Archery at the World University Games in Shenzen, China in August and wishes all  of the archers good luck.

Daniel Schwartz and Brad Mondschein of Pullman and Comley of Hartford, Connecticut represented USCAA at the arbitration.