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USCAA Information Dissemination and Supporting USCAA Membership

posted Jan 16, 2013, 8:15 PM by Webmaster USCAA

USCAA has an ongoing commitment to our members to provide information and resources to support the clubs/officers, coaches, and athletes.  Official information is posted on the USCAA website, as well as via the USCAA Facebook page and the USCAA monthly newsletter.  You can also receive information by calling the USCAA offices.  USCAA recently launched a members-only Facebook page in addition to the USCAA fan page.

 If you are receiving information from a source (either a bulletin board, non-USCAA Facebook page, coach or athlete), we encourage to ask whether they are an official spokesperson for the USCAA.  In today’s world of information, misinformation and rumor, we caution our members and potential members to seek information directly from the USCAA or its official spokespersons.  You should consider all other information unreliable.

As an example, recently USCAA was contacted by several members in regards to having been contacted by non-USCAA staff /Board Members.  This contact resulted in the dissemination of misinformation and misdirection.  The misinformation was being spread by a coach that is a non-USCAA member.  Because of this person’s position in the archery community, our members mistakenly believed the information.  Thus, we are reminding our members, especially student athletes that may be most vulnerable to being provided misinformation and misdirection to contact the USCAA to verify any information regarding the USCAA, its operations or its rules.

The following are responsible for Day-to-Day operations.

Lorretta Sinclair, Executive Director -

Stella Chen - Membership Manager -

Kacey Eggers - Events Coordinator -

Ed Eliason - Coach Course -

Joan Eliason - CRT online course administrator (Judge and Coach) -

Mark Eggers - 3D Task Force


Staff responsibilities include: Membership Meetings, workshops, trainings, captain/officer meetings, tournaments/events, equipment/travel grants, coach certification, judge certification, implementation and enforcement of Rules and Procedures.


The USCAA Board of Directors are responsible for the general oversight of the organization. Their responsibilities include reviewing/updating the Bylaws, Code of Ethics, fundraising, and setting the direction for the Mission and Vision of USCAA.  The voting Board of Directors are:

Helen Sahi, ChairmanNorm Graham

Randy Latimer

Mick Ebert

Carl Greene

Chris Cheng

Jessica Shuma

Mike Burnham


If members have questions regarding the day-to-day operations, please call USCAA M-TH 11a-4p pst at 760.683.9492 or by emailing the appropriate staff member as noted above.