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Travel Grant Information

posted Feb 29, 2012, 7:58 AM by Webmaster USCAA   [ updated Jan 3, 2013, 2:13 AM ]

US Collegiate Archery Event Travel Funding Request

Sponsored by Easton Foundations


Clubs will be notified of their status by 5 April 2010

The purposes of this program are: 1)  to promote growth and retention of college archery athletes;  2) to provide support for collegiate competition archers;  and 3) to support growth in archery competitive events. Since the funds are being provided by a Foundation, only clubs that are affiliated with an institution of higher learning or have non-profit status are eligible.  

  • Club must be a member in good standing
  • Club must complete online application
  • All clubs  must submit a USCAA qualifying  score for one to three athletes
  • Attendance at your Regional Intercollegiate Archery Championship is required
  • Funding is for US Intercollegiate Archery Championship (USIAC)  or 3D USIAC
  • All athletes that benefit from the funding must be on the USCAA eligibility roster
  • Coach travel expenses and fees do not qualify for the funding
  • Funds must be returned to Easton Foundations if the Club fails to compete at Target or 3D USIAC

Selection Criteria:
The following criteria will be used to help determine if a request is granted and the award amount:
  • Growth in the club’s USCA individual membership.
  • Growth in the club’s competition team.
  • Athletes scores and ranking at sanctioned state, regional, and national events.
  • Number of attendees at Regional USCAA events

These criteria apply for clubs of all sizes.  It’s significant if last year’s one-person club is able to bring additional archers to this year’s events.  It’s also significant if a smaller club begins to compete in the team events.  

Qualifying Scores must be submitted along with your application.  Qualifying scores must be shot within 12 months of the request for funding and meet the requirements of at least three archers shooting in a sanctioned tournament.  Proof consists of a signed scorecard or a copy of results from a sanctioned tournament.  If a club does not have qualifying scores, contact USCA for guidance.

Minimum Qualifying Scores*
FITA 1 - 18m Indoor scores, (40cm target face)
Recurve Women - 30 arrows = 240; 60 arrows = 480; 120 arrows = 960
Recurve Men – 30 arrows = 250; 60 arrows = 500; 120 arrows = 1000
Compound Women - 30 arrows = 275; 60 arrows = 550; 120 arrows = 1100
Compound Men -  30 arrows = 281; 60 arrows = 562; 120 arrows = 1124

70 M – 122 cm target face
Recurve Women – Single 70m = 475 ; Double 70m = 950
Recurve Men – Single 70m = 525 ; Double 70m = 1050
Compound Women – Single 70m = 550 ; Double 70m = 1100
Compound Men – Single 70m = 650 ; Double 70m = 1300

** If the club is new,  has never competed, or  for some reason does not have qualifying scores, please contact USCA for guidance. Minimum qualifying scores are used for funding criteria purposes only.  Archers who do not meet MQS can still attend any and all events.  

Submit qualifying scores to

If the club has not previously provided the university's Federal IRS letter of Tax Exemption, you must provide that information/documentation in order for the grant to be approved.  The Federal IRS letter is a letter that states the college is a non-profit entity and is exempt from paying federal taxes.  It is not a sales tax exemption form. Contact the administration office or your club sports office.  They should be able to help you.