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Rules Corrections/Clarifications March 2013

posted Mar 27, 2013, 9:07 PM by Webmaster USCAA

USCAA appreciates receiving questions regarding the need to clarify or make corrections to the 2012-13 Rules and Procedures. 

The following clarifications/corrections were made to the 2012-13 Rules and Procedures:

page 19 - added: Any archer moving a fixed pin sight, increasing bow weight beyond the permitted weights, using equipment that does not conform to the rules and regulations or any other changes that are not permitted under tournament rules is cheating and will be disqualified from an event and may lose all honors and awards earned.

page 29 - Team Round for basic bow is conducted at 50m.

page 30  - changed '6-ring' to '5-ring' - the target face has scoring rings 10, 9, 8, 7, 6

page 33 - 900 round.  The correct distances for a 900 round are 60-50-40 meters.  Team round is shot at 70m recurve and 50m compound.

page 45 - All-Region awards.  The formula for the number of All-Region awards in each category are determined using the same formula used for All-American awards.  Specifically, there is a maximum of 5 All-Region awards.  The number of awards is based on participation from the regional indoor event.  Since there are two sites in the regional tournament, in 2012-13 the number is based on both sites combined.  The All-region award is not  an All-American award or honor. 

page 57-  Definition of 'fixed pin sight' - A 'fixed pin' sight is a sight that may not be moved during the competition.  The pin may be a slider/micro-adjustable sight.  (Note:  This rule will be reviewed for the 2013-14 academic year). 

page 48 - Coach of year.  Clubs submit nominations for coach of the year to USCAA as outlined in the announcement on the website.  The nominating committee is established by USCAA with applicants applying to serve on the committee.  The nominating committee selects the coach of the year in accordance with the criteria.


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