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USCA Athlete and Leadership Workshop (Nov. 19-20)

posted Oct 16, 2011, 10:45 PM by Stella Chen   [ updated Jan 3, 2013, 2:13 AM by Webmaster USCAA ]
USCA is hosting its annual Athlete and Leadership Workshop for athletes and coaches at CSULB from November 19-20 (Saturday-Sunday), 2011. For clubs travelling more than 100 miles, USCA will subsidize the costs for gas for 1 vehicle and up to 2 hotel rooms. Club presidents need to email PRIOR TO TUESDAY NOV 8 and give her the number of rooms they need and if they will arrive on Friday or Saturday in order to get travel monies for this event.
Registration will close on Friday, November 18.  The cost is $20 for USCA members.
Bring your own equipment.  If you don't currently own equipment, we will have some bows on hand for you.  Archers will receive a stretch band at the event. 
When there is more than 1 module offered, archers may choose either module and then during the next timeframe, attend the other module.

2011 USCA Athlete and Leadership Agenda 


9 AM - Coaches Introduction

915- 1115 - Form  with Mike and Ed; and Dartfish taping with Gary simultaneously

1120-12 - Mental Game

12-1245 lunch

1 -230 - (lecture hall) USCA Rules, Eligibility, Competition info, Grants, Recruiting Packages etc

230-5 - (room by lecture hall) Equipment tuning and selection



9 -10 Strength training (in gym)

1015-12  - Dartfish analysis with Gary and Open discussion with Mike and Ed

12-1245 lunch

1 -3 pm  (field) Open shooting/ form 3-4  (field)  Q&A with Ed

Some of the topics that we will be covering are:
  • Recurve form - presented by Ed Eliason
  • Compound form - presented by Mike Gerard
  • Dartfish presentation with video analysis for archers and their coaches (archers interested in having their form analyzed in Dartfish need to bring their bow) by Gary Holstein
  • presentation by USCA on travel grants, ESDF grants, rules, and regulations
  • Bow tuning
  • Strength training
About Ed Eliason - Ed has supported USCA by teaching the Athlete and Leadership Workshop for three years.  His expertise in recurve archery, bow tuning and mental preparation is renowned.  As an Olympian and competitor for more than 40 years, former Easton employees, and certified coach in multiple archery organizations, Ed knows all about archery, what it takes to succeed in the sport, and how to get the most out of your archery experience. 

About Mike Gerard - Mike has supported USCA by teaching previous Athlete and Leadership Workshops.  Mike brings a tremendous amount of experience to USCA members in that he competes in both compound and recurve archery.  He has worked with youth and elite archers for many years.  Mike set a world record at the age of 13 and competed in college archery throughout his college career. 
About Gary Holstein - Gary will be supporting USCA by conducting Dartfish video and analysis for our members.  Gary's expertise in helping archers identify problematic issues via Dartfish is unparalleled.  He has worked with other archery organizations, and elite archers, to help improve form through Dartfish analysis.