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AMS Step by Step Guide by Esther Luk

posted Jan 28, 2013, 1:03 PM by Webmaster USCAA
Coach Member Esther Luk has created an AMS screen shot step by step for new members. After walking through the step by step, there are only two additional things to do as listed below. 

1. After all students have entered their eligibility, the person who has club access (Usually the Club President or Club Rep) then prints out the form to get signature by the athletic dept or university registrar.

Note: If your university doesn't sign outside forms, then after you submit eligibility you can send USCAA transcripts.

2. Once the club has provided the signed eligibility form to USCA, the Membership Team then 'validates' the eligibility on the AMS. You can always check your status by visiting the AMS at

Remember - eligibility is due to USCA via the signed form (or transcripts) no later than 14 days before your first tournament each semester. We suggest doing it early in the semester/quarter to alleviate last minute issues.

Thanks Esther for supporting USCAA and our athlete members with this information!