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2013 USCA Regional Intercollegiate Archery Championships

posted Feb 26, 2013, 6:06 PM by Webmaster USCAA   [ updated Feb 28, 2013, 1:18 AM ]
Date: 19-21 April 2013 
Deadline for online Registration: 5 April 2012
Registration is only available online

Paper registrations are not accepted 

USCA membership and eligibility are required prior to competing.
USCA Dress code enforced

Fee: $60 for SRIAC, NRIAC, ERIAC
Fee: $65 for WRIAC 


NRAIC Univ of Wisc, LaCrosse Information Packet Registration
SRIAC  University of Texas Information Packet Registration
ERIAC Penn College Information Packet Registration
WRIAC UCLA Information Packet Registration

Divisions: Compound, Recurve, Bowhunter - Men's and women's
Collegiate Guest: UCLA

Recurve 70m on 122cm target face for Qualification and Elimination matches. Set system is used for elimination matches. Archers shoot up to 5 ends of 3 arrows. First archer to 6 match points wins. Team and Mixed team rounds are 70m on the Academic target (aka hit/miss)

Compound - 50m on Compound target face (6-10 scoring ring) for Qualification and Elimination matches. The set system is NOT used for compound archers. Traditional scoring for qualification and elimination rounds. Team and mixed team - Compound hit/miss target at 50m, same scoring as recurve (0 for a miss, 1 point for a hit).

For full information on rounds and scoring, read book 2 of the WA rules at with the exception of the compound hit/miss targets which is unique to the Federation of International University Sport (FISU).

Clubs are responsible for knowing the rules for team rounds and Elimination matches.

Honors and Awards:
· Top 3 in each division receive awards
· Regional Champion is based on final finish from the Elimination matches
· Team and Mix Team Champions are based on final finish
· If an event is not contested, awards and honors will not be provided for Team and Mixed team rounds.
· The top 5 athletes combined scores from National Indoor and the respective WRIAC, NRIAC, SRIAC, and ERIAC* in each division, men and women, are eligible to earn All-Region honors. *For the East Region, attendance at the Adam Wheatcroft Memorial or the UConn Intercollegiate Archery Tournament are also required.

· USCA Individual Membership and club membership is required.
· Archers must be members in good standing and sign USCA liability and USCA Code of Ethics
· Archers must be listed on the USCA eligibility roster a minimum of 15 days prior to
· Payment must be received by the deadline to remain on the registration list.
· USCA DRESS CODE is enforced. (see USCA Rules and Procedures page 12)
· The clubs and archers are responsible for knowing the rules, dress code, and submitting eligibility and membership information on time. For eligibility information, equipment rules for Bow hunter division, and Honors and Awards, refer to the USCA Rules and Procedures Handbook online at

Note: The USCA RIACs are required for All-Region Honors.