Resource Corner

This is a resource for anybody who wants information on tuning, form, and other aspects of archery. The material is heavily borrowed from the USCAA Coach and Judge Courses and is a good place to review material that you may have seen there.

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  1. Exercise and Training

    1. Strength Training

    2. Exercise and Training by Chelsea Barker-Loafman

  2. Compound

    1. Form

      1. Compound Form

    2. Releases

      1. Explanation of releases

      2. How to shoot a release for beginners

    3. Equipment and Tuning

      1. Tying a D-Loop

      2. General Information from Archery 360
  3. Recurve

    1. Form

      1. Recurve Form

      2. BEST Beginnings in Archery

      3. Recurve Form Troubleshooting

      4. FITA Coach's Manual Recurve Bow and Shooting Form
    2. Equipment and Tuning

      1. Equipment Basics

      2. Setup

      3. Tuning Guide by Ed Eliason

  4. Arrows

    1. Easton Arrow Assembly Guide

    2. Easton Shaft Selector (Spine Chart)