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Judge/Coach Certification

USCA Judge Certification

USCA has an established Judge Certification course which is required in order to judge/officiate any USCA sanctioned events. The online course was created to best serve the needs of our community/members by being accessible throughout the year and is self-paced.

The course is free with USCA Judge shirts provided to two USCA members in each club.

Course Dates
7 April 2014

The online judge certification is an online, work at your own pace course. You must score 80% or higher on each module in order to pass. Each club can receive up to 2 free Judge shirts. Non-members who support USCAA and/or will judge USCAA sanctioned events will receive free Supporting Membership and 1 free shirt. Additional shirts $25 each. 

To be certified, you must be 18 years or over, be a member of USCA. Certification is good for 2 years. Any member can take the course, but a club will only receive 2 free Judge shirts unless the Club is hosting a major USCA event. Additional shirts can be purchased at cost -- which is $25. Non-members can register as USCA supporting members and are eligible to certify and receive a Judge shirt for free. To register as a supporting member, visit There is a $10 Supporting Member fee. The fee may be waived by USCA if you are going to judge a major USCA event.


USCA Coach Certification

USCA has established an online Coach certification course. The Coach Certification course is free to all USCA members. All coaches and athletes are encouraged to take the course. Information includes compound and recurve form, equipment selection, equipment tuning. The coach course is a 5-week course. A new module is opened each week. The 1st course is a basic course that includes compound and recurve form, equipment tuning and selection. 

All coaches must be USCAA certified to maintain their membership. All clubs must have at least 1 club member/coach certified. Starting 2014, the course fee will be $40.

Effective August 2012, all new clubs must have at least one Club member certify through the USCA Coach Certification Course. All coach members registering with new clubs will also take the Coach Certification course in order to be a coach member in good standing.

Effective August 2013, all existing clubs will certify at least one club member and all existing coach members will need to take the online coach certification course by December 2014.

Due to insurance and liability requirements, certifications from other organizations are not a substitute for USCA coach certification. USCA strongly supports the coach certifications from other organizations in the believe that knowledge is gained from many sources.

The certification is valid for 3 years from date of issue.

For questions contact Stella at